Our Team

Executive Chef and Owner

Ken has an experience as a professional chef work in Food and beverage industry over 15 years. Since he graduated from Hong Kong cookery school, he has been working in fine dining restaurants, and the best restaurant he worked in was a one-star Michelin French cuisine (2012) restaurant in central of Hong Kong. He has learned the cooking techniques and knowledge from western cuisine (Italy, French, British) and he also has excessive knowledge about Asian food based on his birth on food paradise. Hong Kong food culture is the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures and has developed a set of eating habits that integrate Chinese food and Western food. Experience on own cafe business started on 2015 located on 360 st kilda road. This is Ken’s first business, and it was successful. Ken’s family have a restaurant in Hong Kong, so he gained a lot of experience from parents. The cafe he owned, had 7 staffs and was under fully management. In 2019 he decided to sell the cafe due to the majority of office planned to move to the city (over 1200 officer) (toll & John holland).


Ken has been planning to open restaurant over two years, and he has been working in many amazing restaurants in Melbourne past two years. By working variety of restaurants, Ken has got inspiration and passion, as well as having connection with some finest chefs in Melbourne. In hospitality lack of labor is common issues, to avoid that Ken will offer comparative pay wage plus commissions to all full-time staff. Marketing & Design for this restaurant aims as 80s&90s Asian theme. Ken will also dedicate on a lot of resources to marketing, for example, Google, Instagram, Chinese social media, and inviting influencer.
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